GRP Modular Handrail System

The SafeClamp® Modular GRP Handrail System is an effective modern alternative to traditional steel handrails, that is just as strong but with increased resistance and durability. 
DeckSafe’s Modular GRP Handrail System is created by fixing together 55mm reinforced pultruded tubes with a range of specially designed fibreglass moulded fittings. 

Why SafeClamp® Modular GRP Handrail Systems?

  • Lightweight - SafeClamp® Modular GRP Handrail Systems can be easily transported into hard to access areas. 
  • Maintenance Free - An incredibly durable material, GRP does not rust or corrode and is easy to clean.
  • Corrosion Resistant - SafeClamp® Modular GRP Handrail Systems are suitable for harsh environments and outperform steel equivalents in terms of durability and lifespan.
  • Warm to touch - Unlike traditional steel, fibreglass is low in thermal conductivity, perfect for industrial environments.
  • Pigmented Fibreglass - These handrails are pigmented throughout to make surface scratches less visible. 

Easy Installation

Our SafeClamp® Modular GRP Handrail tubes can easily be cut on-site to any length, then fixed together using the moulded fittings to create various mid-height rails or handrails. You require only basic hand tools, eliminating the need for a power supply or hot work permit.

The fittings are mechanically fixed to the tube with rocket button-head bolts and blind rivet-nuts, which are recessed to ensure a smooth finish. For extra security, you can add adhesive to bond the parts together. 


Colours: Yellow, Grey.

Trade customers: Consignment discounts and installation available.

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